Build-Your-Own-Bot Assembly Instructions: Thought/Behavior Matrix

Materials List: Platform (2), Interface A (2), Interface B (2), Interface C (2), Interface D (2), Interface E (2), Interface F (2), Interface G (2), Interface H (2), Interface I (2), Interface J (2), Wire (15 in), Tape (1 spool), Glue (1 stick), Scissors (1 pair)

1. Assess the materials. Confirm that the Materials Packet contains all of the items inventoried on the Materials List.

2. Compose the Thought/Behavior Matrix. Using the Scissors, Glue and/or Tape, assemble pieces of Interfaces A-J on either or both Platform(s). Each Interface corresponds with a different facet of cognitive-behavioral function. Select which portions of the Interfaces to use and how to composite those Interface portions to achieve the desired mixture of predispositions. (Note: The choice that you make will not necessarily guarantee how the finished Bot will think/behave. This merely creates the network of influences from which the Bot will extrapolate to reach its own conclusions. Do not mistake the Bot’s logic as your own.)

3. Shape the Thought/Behavior Matrix. Using whichever materials and means seem most appropriate, reshape and resize the Thought/Behavior Matrix in order to maximize synapse points and surface area (Note: This can potentially consist of folding, contouring, cutting, etc.). The more points of connection achieved via shaping, the more complex the resulting cognitive processes will be.

4. Proceed to the following section for instructions regarding installation and activation/assimilation of the Thought/Behavior Matrix.

"Do this for me."



Bot 1- "Combinatory Algebra" [bot 1.png]
Bot 2- "Cube/Thought Prototype" [bot 2-4.jpgs]

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